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Muriel Macleod was born in September 1951 in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, in the Western Isles of Scotland, where she attended the Nicolson Institute.

Muriel left Stornoway to live in London in the sixties.  In 1971 she interrupted her studies to spend time travelling in India.  She then married and moved to Trinidad in the West Indies in 1972, where she gave birth to her son, Damron.  During her time in Trinidad she taught art to children in the deprived ward of Laventille, in Port-of-Spain, and ran a soup kitchen for the city’s homeless.  She returned to the UK in 1975, where her daughter, Genevieve, was born.  When her marriage ended she returned to art school to complete her studies.  Her first job was on the animated film, The Snowman, produced by TVC in London.  She then worked on The Charlie Brown Show, The Family Ness, and several advertising campaigns before spending six years at Hibbert Ralph Animation studio producing commercials, promos and title sequences including the award winning South Bank Show titles, Queen’s Innuendo album promo and a seemingly endless stream of commercials and TV titles.

During that time she did a correspondence course at The London School of Journalism to further her interest in writing.  She continued in animation for most of the nineties, now as a freelance line producer at Pizazz and Sherbet studios, and had begun her twenty-year stint as a weekly illustrator for the Scottish edition of The Times Educational Supplement –  so that she could continue to hold a pencil.  In the mid nineties she became involved in the early fund-raising activities of the newly formed charity, Warchild.

Following her time at Uli Meyer’s Studio, producing The Lampies for BBC, she was asked to take on her role at The British Fulbright Scholars Association.  It had not been her intention to remain at Fulbright for nearly nine years, but it was a position that brought great satisfaction, and gave her the time to pursue her other interests.  She was able to exhibit her paintings more regularly during this time, in London and Scotland, and to concentrate on writing.  By 2011 her debut novel WHAT THE RIVER WASHED AWAY was complete.

WHAT THE RIVER WASHED AWAY, published by One World, June 2013, was written as a heartfelt response to the plight of children suffering child sex abuse, and the helplessness, or unwillingness, of society to deal with child rape.

Muriel spends her time between London and her home in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis.  She is currently writing her next novel.